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For a general list of all Projects on WoW.Answers, please see Category:WoW Answers projects

World of Warcraft Answers is, first and foremost, a wiki.  Wiki software enables collaborative editing, which in turn makes the wiki better.  The way World of Warcraft Answers differs from other wikis is its Q&A format.  At the top of the page, there is a large box where you can ask a question.  If someone already asked that question, you'll be redirected to that page.

While it is possible to create normal articles on WoW.Answers, please do not create such articles here.  Instead, please use our sister site WoWWiki or the partner site Wowpedia.

Listed below are some core projects you can help with.  Users can also create their own projects and propose a merge into the core project system.  To do so, create the project on your User page and provide a link in the Proposed Projects section below.

Core ProjectsEdit

  • Question Cleanup - Helps keep the wiki clean by patrolling the Recent Changes page and looking for questions to improve, candidates for deletion, etc.
  • Category Squad - Members of this project attempt to categorize questions into an appropriate category. Proper categorization helps search engines discover our content easier, and helps visitors find the information they're looking for
  • Styling Team - Helps develop new ways to present information. Some examples may include the Main Page, Community Portal, etc.
  • Template Constructors - Creates the templates you see on some questions.

To join a project, visit the project you're interested in and read the instructions on how to join the project.

Proposed ProjectsEdit

We are not accepting any new projects at this time. Please check back in the future!

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