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History of WoW.Answers

WoW.Answers was born on March 24, 2010. It is a sister wiki of WoWWiki, and a satellite of the main Wikia Answers site.

Today, 118,167 edits have been made to 25,951 questions.

Please feel free to look around! If you'd like to help answer questions, just jump right in! You can also help organize WoW.Answers by adding questions to categories, cleaning up spelling and grammar, or even become a Supervisor! There's lots to do here, so stick around and enjoy yourself!

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Category:How to contains questions about how a certain action or quest is done in-game. It has 140 questions, 91% of which are answered.


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Editors are needed to help WoW.Answers improve and grow. Editors reword questions, add categories, and answer questions. There's a list of things the editors can help with located here. The following are some areas you can help in:


43% of questions answered


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