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How do you get from stormwind to darnassus?

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Takin the bus ofcourse!Take the ship from Stormwind Harbor's left dock and teleport up from Rutheran Village via the purple glowing structure.Take the soutmost boat in the harbour to Rut' Theran Village, then go through the teleportation tree to Darnassus.Stormwind has a harbor, which can take you to other places to quest or level etc. The first one (the ship you want to take), takes you to Rut'theran Village which has a portal at the back of the village which takes you to Darnassus. This is for Cataclysm, so for pre-Cata you would do the same thing, except the ship takes you to Auberdine. Auberdine has three ships, one for Darnassus, one for Stormwind, and one for Azuremyst Isle (If you have BC). The ship you want to take (if you just came from the Stormwind ship), is full of night elves, so you won't get stormwind harbour theres a boat that goes to rutheran village. Then take the flight master to darnassus to get to darnassus from stormwind go to stornwind port and get on the boat to darnassus than you should be at a village called somthing like "rut'thean village" go though the purple portal and your at darnassuss:)

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