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See the Flame Leviathan article at WoWWiki icon stamp WoWWiki.

There are 3 different vehicles, and each has a different role:

  • Salvaged Chopper: Drop Tar in front of the boss as much as possible, and gather pyrite barrels for others.
  • Salvaged Demolisher: Ranged damage dealers, consuming pyrite for top damage. Must take care to save some pyrite for a speed boost when targeted.
  • Salvaged Siege Engine: Melee damage dealers and interrupters. Must take care to save some steam pressure to interrupt boss' Flame Vents with Electroshock.

While mobile, the boss always targets one Siege Engine or Demolisher and tries to ram it (which causes very high damage if successful). The targeted player must kite the boss, preferably using one of the speed boost abilities.

Leaving up 1-4 towers will make the boss progressively harder, and reward more/better loot and achievements.

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