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Assuming you have the Wrath of the Lich King expansion installed, there are several ways to get to Dalaran, assuming you are at least level 71. If you are less than level 71, the options are more limited.

For all characters
For level 71 mage characters and other characters above level 74
For level 72 Horde-only characters
  • There is a quest in Dragonblight called Blightbeasts be Damned! that you can get at 72. This quest provides you with a flying mount to kill a few mobs. The area you kill them in (Icemist Village) is close enough to fly into Wintergrasp (or log out while on the flying mount and it will put you at a Wintergrasp graveyard). If you get dismounted, don't worry, you will get a parachute to land safely. Warning, you will be PvP flagged when you enter Wintergrasp. If Horde controls Wintergrasp Fortress you can run to it (northern Wintergrasp) and use the portal to The Violet Hold in Dalaran.
For level 77 characters
For level 80 characters

This is only to get back to Dalaran without flying, hearth, portal, or teleportation crystal.

Don't forget

Regardless of how you get to Dalaran, you should also:

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